Emotional Chains

   I'm Marylea, Your Certified Emotion Code Practitioner.

I was introduced to the Emotion Code System in 2015 
and immediately resonated with this easy and basic concept of Energy Therapy. 

In 2015 I was in my seventh year as a successful massage therapist in private practice.
 My clientele consisted primarily of professionals; teachers, nurses, contractors, realtors, hairdressers, and varying others that serve throughout the community.
 I could easily identify the signs of  emotional burn out in my clients, as I was continually being forced to look into the mirror that each client presented to me regarding my own personal and professional journey.
"We come into each other's lives for a reason."

My whole life I've been extra sensitive.
 I can't think of one person that has had more than a few conversations with me that have not seen me get teary-eyed, for one reason or another. Whether it is about "my own story" or whether joyfully or in sympathy or empathy
 for someone else's. I literally ache when someone I care about is emotionally suffering.

 This I have found out in recent years is called being an Empath.
Being extra sensitive to others emotions has been a key to my successful massage career, I know for a fact.
But it also has it's negative side effects. By the time I was a young adult my experiences had taught me that by consoling and comforting others, I was comforted as well. It made me feel better to help others feel better. I was a natural nurturer. That however, also lead to a long road of misdirected nurturing which in turn became unmanageable enabling. and co-dependency. I was focusing on the needs of those around me to the extent that I often lost my own emotional insight, unknowingly often becoming more emotionally unstable than the individual I was trying to assist. 
I allowed the emotional energies of others to overpower and dominate my own energetic frequencies.

Dominate Energy always WINS!

With the guidance of Dr. Bradley Nelson's Emotion Code techniques I was able to begin identifying, releasing and letting go of other people's emotional baggage that I had been absorbing as well as my own trapped emotions that I was unconsciously preventing from being processed.
As I continually worked on myself with muscle testing I quickly learned to identify my own energy frequencies, along with simple steps to strengthen and support myself emotionally on a regular basis.

The Emotion Code has been the best and easiest 
life changing tool for me!

I'm excited to be able to assist others to find their freedom
 by releasing the emotional chains that hold them down!
                                                Marylea  CECP

 " I've found that regular personal energy hygiene 

                 is just as important if not more then personal physical hygiene."                                                               Marylea

I have learned to use a variety of helpful techniques that assist in clearing and releasing emotional baggage. These have all strengthened my understanding of how powerful our thoughts are and how we can each strengthen our own energy field and therefore all that we interact with, our family, our pets, our environment, our community and the world. 

I personally prefer using a variety of tools. Some people prefer to use the same tool for many jobs. Most of us will find our favorite tools for specific jobs. I hope the variety of tools I'm sharing on this website will  inspire you to try them and search out  your own favorite as you build a resourceful toolbox that you can use in developing a healthy energetic frequency and peace of mind. 

Once negative emotional baggage is released, it's vital to replace our old habits of daily thoughts and choices with positive alternatives. Repeating the same old thoughts and choices will only bring about the same old results.

It's only by changing our thoughts and our on going daily choices that will bring lasting change into our lives.

Find the tools that assist you in creating the life you want to live.

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