Emotional Chains

   Going out of my comfort zone in sharing my beginning look  with all my body rolls, humps, bumps and all.

 " It's Never Too Late to be Your Best Self"

My New Life

Chapter 1

 Hopefully through this journey I'll also learn to take better videos and even learn to edit them !!! LOL

 5'3 "       200lbs

 Join me in the next chapter of my life where I will be applying

 the tools I've learned in my last chapter.

I'm great at taking care of others and giving great advice. Now lets see if I can walk the talk.
  Taking my own advice.    What a concept..huh? 
The pages of this website are designed to be self help tools that assist in improving your
energetic connection to yourself for a healthy mind, body and spirit.
  email me: emotionalhealing101@gmail.com
We can partner up and inspire one another to find the right tools for us
individually to be our best selves for ourselves and all those around us.
 In looking for ways to stay connected to positive inspiring people now that I'm retired from my massage therapy career,
I have partnered with Amare Global and am excited to join them in their Mental Wellness Mission to change the world!

The link below is my Amare partner website.

  You'll find pricing and a short Assessment Test for the opportunity to try some FREE products.

 Please don't hesitate to contact me for further information or questions.



Dec 1, 2018      Day #1   Saturday
My Story
All of my life I've pretty much ate and drank anything I wanted to anytime I wanted to. I tell people I came from a hardy stock. We work hard and enjoy home and family.  I've never been sick except for the occasional flu bug or cold. For the past ten years I have felt good enough to do what I need and want to do. I wake up feeling rested and I enjoy life. I like to stay busy and keep a neat and tidy home. For many years I have acknowledged that I am 100% responsible for my attitude.
I've been single since 1988, with two marriages and four children under my belt and a four year relationship 1999 - 2003, at which point I decided life for me was so much easier and more fulfilling being single. If you've read my home page you know, I'm an Empath, so feeling other peoples emotions, negative or positive, has been a part of my history that I wasn't aware of until  early 2015. That's when I woke up to energy work and the amazing insight it could give me in deciphering different energy frequencies and being able to identify which emotions were mine and which ones I was allowing myself to absorb from my surroundings.This is an ongoing understanding that has changed my life in so many ways for the positive. Energy work has changed my life and my relationships with anyone that comes in contact with me. It's empowered me to have the self confidence I need to start applying simple changes in my daily habits and choices, so that I Can Be My BEST SELF each day.
My current primary focus is on my mental wellness. Since being introduced to Amare at the end of November 2018, I better understand how what I eat is a main contributor to how I think and the choices I make. Only working on my physical needs will not address all my energetic needs, neither will addressing only energetic health contribute to all my physical needs. It's finding the necessary balance in all things that can bring me closer to adding greater quality to my life and creating the life I want and deserve.
Chapter 1 of my New Life will be focused on applying the Amare wellness program determined for my needs, based on the FREE Mental Assessment Test provided by Amare. (at the bottom of the home page)  https://www.amareglobal.com/25037 
As well as applying a variety of my favorite energy techniques and practices (listed on this website) through out my day.
I received my first order of Amare products this afternoon. I purchased the Fundementals pack and VitaGBX (see product info on Mental Wellness page). I'm starting on the vitamins today with dinner, (Directions: 2 with breakfast & 2 with dinner with 8oz of water. Not to exceed 4 per day).  I'm cutting back on caffeine and sugar starting today as well as upping my water intake to a gallon a day. And basically looking through my cupboards to create more positive nutritional eating habits. Amare and their research and mission has sparked an awakening in me with new insight to how I feed my body and all the internal (microbiome) activity that runs my body's systems. This week I've also been watching the Interconnected documentary series which is highlighting exactly the same thing!     (Youtube, Episode 1 is on my Mental Wellness page.) Don't get me wrong, I've known all my life that what I eat creates who I am, but... it is now time for me to really embrace this at a new level. I believe the energy work I've been doing for the past four years has aligned me for my greater good. Opening my awareness so that I am indeed at the right place at the right time for more major positive changes to take place. I'm inspired and want to be in the flow with inspirational people who take action to add quality to our lives with every breath we take.
 I did an Emotion Code session on myself this afternoon,(see Emotional Chains page) with the question. "Is there a trapped emotion blocking me from better health?"  Layers of FRUSTRATION were identified. The first one was mine, then an absorbed frustration, then an inherited frustration. I often have experienced that once you release one trapped emotion others with similar frequencies then begin to surface and release as well. Pretty cool huh?  The inherited ones, (see Inherited Emotions page), were also cleared from any of my children that may have inherited that trapped emotion from me.This is one of my favorite parts of releasing trapped emotions, knowing that by helping myself, I am also helping my children and future generations in a positive way.
I'm excited for this New Chapter and as a person who loves to write and journal, I decided to publicly display my journey, knowing that it will bring more accountability to my actions and hopefully inspire others to join me in sharing your own journey as we learn together.

Dec 4, 2018     Day #4     Wednesday

I've been on the Amare VitaGBX for 3 full days now and am already feeling some very positive mind - body responses. By taking them and adjusting my eating habits as recommended (to a huge degree for me..but not perfectly by any means). I'm having better bowel movements, I'm not craving carbs as much, and it's making me way more conscious of what I have been eating. I stopped myself from stepping on the scales this morning, because I want to wait til day #10, to see those results. However, I feel lighter! Not so puffy or bloated. I have ample energy to do the things I want to get done, including raking two large piles of wet walnut leaves into the dumpster. 

  It feels very encouraging to have accomplished these steps to the degree that I have. I'm proud of my efforts. I literally patted myself on the back as I stood in front of the full length mirror.(see Mirror Work page) Then I had a wonderful talk with myself (yes, out loud)  telling myself how proud I was of my genuine efforts. And how happy my microbiomes will be when I cleanse with the Reboot+ and start balancing the internal ecosystem of my body. When I finished I poured myself a glass of water (I put my water in a beautiful blue bottle and use a champagne glass) and toasted to myself, "To being the best me! For myself and for all those around me."

I spent the afternoon doing errands and grocery shopping for the healthy foods that go in conjunction with the 3 day Reboot+ I'll be starting tomorrow morning. (Day #1: One capsule  with dinner, Day #2: One capsule with breakfast, one capsule with dinner, Day #3: One capsule with breakfast, one with lunch and one with dinner.) Amare supplies a list of snacks, recipes for smoothies, salads and soups and recommends drinking lots of water, for my weight, nearly a gallon a day. I've been working on getting in that amount the last 3 days and have actually accomplished it yesterday and today. Been going potty a lot more...but I did it.

Prior to going out into the public, because of my extra sensitivity to others energies, I grounded myself  with deep breathes and mindfully connecting with our creator. I put the deliberate intention out that I would be shielded from being invaded by anyone else's negative energies and that I would only emit positive energy towards all I interacted with.

My outing started smoothly and productively. I reverted to the Ho' oponopono mantra (see Ho' oponopono page) twice (out loud) because of the unusual amount of traffic for mid day, mid week until realizing..oh yah...xmas shopping is in full force already. Then reciting it over and over again in my mind til it became my background self talk throughout the rest of my outings. Got home and proudly admired my healthy purchases as I put them away.

This evening I watched the 8th of 9 episodes of Interconnected and had a heavy veil lifted emerging sincere gratitude for my current awareness of microbiomes. Confirming in my mind, heart and soul that Amare is my answer to many years of personal heartfelt pleas for another healthy way to relieve the suffering of mental and emotional anguish for so many.

Dec 6, 2018

So today was truly my emotional testing day! Grrrr!!

I woke up knowing I couldn't binge on anything...because I didn't have anything in the house to binge on...for a reason! Cause I'm going to change my habits!!! I thought I was very hungry, starving in fact. Yesterday I stuck to the program by eating healthy recipes for breakfast and lunch with minimal healthy snacking during the day and accomplishing drinking another full gallon of water and taking my first reboot capsule at dinner with a very large healthy salad.  I felt my emotions starting to go into panic last night!! I was fidgety and very restless thru the night waking up about every 20 mins it seemed to go pee. All I could think of was, "This was day one, I still have two more to go!!! Yikes! This is why I hate dieting, why I put my health on the back burner because my emotions end up running things and I don't get anything else done, but hyper focusing on what I can't eat! I told myself sternly out loud! "Just STOP whining!" You CAN DO THIS!!

 I pulled myself together and thought, "OK, I'll see if I have a heartwall."  (See heart wall page)

I asked the question, "Do I have an underlying cause blocking me from better health?" Muscle testing showed "YES". I was using the Body Code system today which can get pretty detailed in uncovering the underlying causes. It directed me through several areas to the root issue of a misalignment in my descending aorta. yah, down pretty deep. I asked if I needed to know more and the answer was yes. Trapped emotions were lodged there. Three inherited TE (trapped emotions) all 3 were from my father's grandmother on his father's side. Terror, Panic and Helplessness. After each of those were released there was still one that was my TE of Overwhelm. Once that was released I re asked the question. This time getting led to a fascial distortion in my heart area. Which was an underlying cause of  an addictive heart energy, which was there because I had a heart wall. So basically all this showed up from my intention of releasing a heart wall. I removed TEs which created the heartwall when I was 27 yrs old. TE were: Discouraged, Effort UnReceived, Forlorn and Frustration. All were confirmed as being connected to my wanting to lose weight back then. After releasing all of those TE, which cleared the heartwall. I was able to release the addictive heart energy and the fascial distortion. 

 I re asked the question again and was directed to an emotional resonance. Which is "an energetic ringing in the body that occurs after an emotional event." I asked if it was about my health and the answer was "yes." still at age 27, which would've been 1982. The emotional frequency of that was FRUSTRATION! Which reminded me of the layers of frustration I had released on Saturday asking a similar question. I released it. Asked again and this time the answer was "no" more underlying causes were ready to be released at this time. 

So I want to emphasis how long we can hold trapped emotions in our body. And how the frequency vibration can keep vibrating in our body making us very susceptible to creating more of that same frequency. It's now familiar to us. Especially if we inherited it. Frustration has been a reoccurring TE for me in many many different sessions. Each one being specific to a certain event.

I was relieved to have released so many TEs today. Afterwards I had an apple and felt very satisfied. And was able to focus on my office work and not be overwhelmed by my "lack of" feelings. 

Other than that, my poop has been getting "looser" and very stinky, which I expect is very good to get that out during the cleansing. The only other cleansing I have ever done was two colonoscopy cleanses. My mom had stomach cancer, so I get screened every five years.

Most importantly, I learned that from here on out. I'm going to use my energy tools to de-stress before I get to the frustrated point.  

 12/8/18   Saturday

I finished the Reboot cleanse on Friday evening. This morning I couldn't wait a minute longer to check the scales. 195 lbs. I normally fluctuate between 195 and 203 on a regular basis. So I was pleased that I was going in the desired direction. I connected with myself in the mirror (see mirror work) with, "Great job!! Now to get started on the Fundamentals pack." Which targets the GBX (gut, brain, axis) (see Fundamentals video on Mental Health page). "You ready for this?" 30 days of taking the 3 specified supplements each morning along with the VitaGBX. I've been very erratic about taking any kind of vitamins or supplements for over five years and I'm not on any medication what so ever. So this will be 8 capsules and a scoop of the powder mixed in water. Every morning for 30 days. That in itself could be a challenge for me.

I was already feeling my emotions going into a tail spin again. Thinking that it also meant that I needed to continue to look at food in a different way. Not what was pleasing to my senses or my eyes, but what was important for my gut health. I've likened it to having a compost pile. Which I did for a couple of years, many years back.  You can throw a lot of stuff into it, but without some key ingredients or by putting too much of the wrong ingredients into it, it can soon become just a pile of "shit".

 Still in front of the full length mirror, I asked myself "Is that what you want to be, a pile of shit? Then STOP IT!!!"  It immediately brought to mind when my granddaughter and I say "S..T...O...P" to each other when we get in a whiny or uncooperative mood with one other. It made me smile and regroup my thinking. Knowing that I didn't want to "fail" at this. This is my NEW LIFE, the old is gone and I can adjust every single thing I do by the choices I make at any given time.

 "Stop whining! You are such a baby at times. You can put yourself in such stringent situations at times to accomplish a specific task or in helping someone else out, well...that's what this is. This is A Job that you need to do for you!!! Plus being a good role model for my granddaughter." That's what immediately snapped me back into focus, doing it for a bigger purpose than just for me. Being a good role model for my granddaughter is one of the most important things I want to do throughout my life. That immediately made me think of the heart to heart work (see Heart Based Living page). So I did my focused heart breathing. And was determined to stay on track with wiser choices though out the weekend. 

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